Church History

Our story

On September 22, 1957, Rev. Clarence Clarke formed a mission at the Old Barwell Center which was located at 555 Hill Street, Waukegan, Illinois. The theme of the mission was “The Voice Crying in the Wilderness.”

On Thursday, October 10, 1957, a meeting with a council was held at the northeast corner of 16th Street and Greenfield Ave. in North Chicago, Illinois for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church. Approval was granted and the members voted to have the church named Christian Valley Missionary Baptist Church. Eleven members made up the congregation which consisted of three families. The first home for Christian Valley Missionary Baptist Church was located at 1220 Greenfield Avenue in North Chicago, Illinois. It was motioned that Rev. Clarence Clarke would be the Pastor. In 1979, after serving faithfully for 22 years, Rev. Clarke decided to retire and return to Alabama.

In the absence of a Pastor, Rev. Donald Johnson (Assistant Pastor) presided until the members elected a new Pastor. Rev. Willie J. Littlejohn was chosen to be the new Pastor in 1981. During the time of his leadership, the membership increased and there became a need for a larger church. Land was later purchased at Argonne Drive and Dugdale Road to accommodate the increase of members.

In 1985 brought about more changes which consisted of Pastor Willie J. Littlejohn leaving Christian Valley Missionary Baptist Church. Dr. Clarke was once again chosen to be the Pastor.

On October 28, 1990, Dr. Clarke along with the members marched the streets of North Chicago from 1220 Greenfield Ave to the new home at 2690 Argonne Drive. Dr. Clarke saw a need to train someone and appointed Rev. Henry Woods, Sr. as his assistant.

A mortgage committee was formed and the mortgage was paid off on July 1, 2001.

In January of 2002, Dr. Clarke retired as Pastor of Christian Valley Missionary Baptist Church and remained as Pastor Emeritus until God called him home to rest on August 29, 2002.

There has been tremendous growth at Christian Valley Missionary Baptist Church and our newest endeavor was to expand the ministry with an educational building. The groundbreaking for the educational building took place on April 26, 2009. Our Dedicatory Service was held on August 29, 2010. Throughout the years several ministries have been formed such as: Youth Bible Study; Adult Prayer/Bible Study, noon day and evening; Children’s Church; Young Adult, and Junior Ushers; Nurses; Mission; Mothers; Youth and Gospel Choirs, Male Chorus; Deacons and Deaconess; Youth Ministry; Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry (Sisters United for Christ); Evangelism; Christmas Banquet; Senior’s Luncheon; and Sunday morning 8:00am worship service.

Christian Valley MBC